KMSAuto Net Activator Download for Windows & Office Official™

KMSAuto is the latest version of the activation tool, which can be used to activate both Windows and Office products. This program activates your system on your computer without requiring any keys or telephone activation.

This activation tool consists of more merits rather than demerits. That’s why this tool became the most popular tool among users. You can use this tool to activate Windows 10 on our computer, without spending a cent of money. Also, this will never be wasting your time within the installation process. Just by one click, you can do everything as you wish.

This is the best alternative for the licensed keys that do not provide successful results. You can download the KMSAuto Net and install it within your computer just by one click on the Activation button.

This is the best evidence for the one, who thinks, that no one can activate Windows or Office without getting a real copy. Because KMSAuto Net doesn’t require you to purchase a real copy. The only thing, that you need is to activate via a good windows activator.

What is KMSAuto Server

KMSAuto Netis an automatic KMS activator that can be used to activate both Windows operating systems and Office products. The activation is done through the KMS server without connecting to the internet also.

KMS stands for Key Management Services. The customers can use this to activate both Windows and Office products with software license and software assurance.

This KMS Activator is a legitimate activation tool. It was developed by Microsoft itself for the activation of corporate products. Thus, it does not include anything new features.

The reason behind that is, in Windows 8.1, the default way to connect the activation server through the localhost ( was blocked. Then, it makes the system assume that your computer is also a member of KMS server.

How does KMSAuto Net Server works

The process of KMSAuto Net Server is very simple. The users with software assurance can benefit from the Volume License Agreement through the KMS service.

Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Vista Windows can be activated through the KMS server. As well as, MS Office 2010 and MS Office 2013 also can be activated through the KMS server. For the activation via KMS, your computer does not require to be a Domain member.

You should allow KMS offers TCP 1688 port from the Windows firewall on the KMS server or the firewall in front of the KMS server of your network.

The product key that you used for the activation, on a particular KMS server, it will enable all the sub-versions of that product key. For an instant, if you have installed KMS service on Server 2012, the product key, that you used for the activation, will activate all the subversion

.Some additional processing is needed for the activation of Office products

After you have installed the KMS server within your computer, the server stimulated for the activation requests from different computers. Those numbers are as, 25 Windows Client, 5 Windows Server, 5 Office so on. The KMS is activated for the servers when 5 different servers send requests. The activation status of each product is different from one another.

The KMS provides the license for the activation only for 180 days. You can be renewed the activation period by communicating with the KMS server every 7 days.

If you install your operating system for the very first time, it attempts to be activated automatically on the KMS server for 3 days. If it does not work automatically, then you should follow the given commands for manual activation.

The information regarding the date and time on your computer, should not be changed after the activation process through the KMS server.

Moreover, you can switch the program to the advanced or professional mode through the “About the Program” tab. Here, you can read the user manual and also watch a particular video.

You can also register for Win 8.1 by following the given instructions regarding the KMSAuto 2016launcher. This ensures that the activation will not lock-up for a certain period.

Benefits of Using KMSAuto Net Server

KMSAuto Net Serverwill enable you to activate both Microsoft Windows and any version of MS Office starting from 2010. This activation tool is completely legal. Thus, you can use it without the fear of breaching any law. This consists of more on merits rather than demerits.

This works and operates faster than the other software, without wasting your time. It is easy for you to handle without any unknown troubles. This provides you a friendly and understandable interface, where you will able to get a quick understand of it. This has its own and unique design itself.

The most important point is; this will provide you an option to add your product key as you wish. Also, this will provide extra tools, which are more useful for you at any time.


KMSAuto Net is one of the incredible software that anyone can be used to activate their Windows and Office products. You don’t need any technical knowledge or any additional skills to download and install it within your computer. Everything will be happening just by one click.

This is an activation tool, that anyone can operate it easily, without any problem. It provides you a good user experience as well. You can do your activation more quickly without wasting your time.

This system works for all the versions of Windows (Above Windows 7) and MS Office (Above MS Office 2010).

KMSAuto Net is the safest and secure activation tool, where it does not access any private data of the users. It is a 100% reliable tool, that you can use it without any doubt.

This facilitates you to activate Windows and it includes backup function as well. It is more important when you have already activated Windows through the phone.

Particularly, this is an open-source facility, where everyone has access to the activation through this system.

KMSAuto Net is a lifetime solution, that available for an unlimited period while it providing you a permanent activation without any trial periods.

The most significant factor is that you cannot do your installation, if your computer is connected to the internet or firewall is activated. Therefore, you have to disconnect your internet connection and also you should turn off your firewall. When the installation is completed, you can turn on your firewall. It does not deactivate your Windows.

Download KMSAuto

The downloading process is more simple, but you need to take some additional steps if your computer has any antivirus program. This is because such antivirus may detect KMSAuto 2016 as a virus. Thus, you need to disable such a program, as your first step. Or else, you can add the KMS Server Service.exefile to the exceptions of your antivirus.

System Requirements

  • Operating system should be Windows 7 or Windows 10 or in between them.
  • Should have installed Net framework 4.
  • Administer privileges.

Now a day, the KMSAuto Net Windows Activator stands as the best Windows activator. But, if there any person who doesn’t like it can simply move on to KMSPico, which also a better activation tool.

How to Install and Activate Windows & Office

After you download the KMSAuto Net successfully, then your task is to install it and activate Windows on your computer. You have to spend less than two minutes for the entire process. Don’t need any technical skills or additional knowledge, but just one click is more enough for that. You can just follow the below steps to install it within your computer.

  • First, unzip the file that you were downloaded. For that, you can use WinRAR.
  • Here, you can see two options as, “Activation” and “Information”.
  • You just click on the Activation button and then, select the Windows Activation.
  • After a few seconds, your Windows activation is completed. Afterwards, you can restart your computer.

Now, you have activated Windows 10 on your computer successfully. For a better activation, without any virus, be mindful to download KMSAuto Net from a genius website. Then, you won’t face any trouble regarding the removal of the virus.